YOGA Means union of Mind, Body and Spirit”

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BREATH – is the practice of yoga in and of itself.  If you are breathing mindfully, you are practicing yoga.

MOVEMENT – linking your body to your practice.

REST – an intentional pause that allows your body to relax.  Rest is essential to your wellbeing. 



“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. “ Rumi

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<p>I was reintroduced to yoga 2 years ago by Instructor/Practitioner Jessica Howard Jackson. It has brought an awareness of my body and a sense of calmness through proper breathing exercises. The flexibility is ever building, especially while recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I am ever grateful for the experience and encouragement to practice. </p>

Charla G. Yoga Student

<p>Jessica's Saturday morning yoga class has been the silver lining of my quarantine! It's the perfect way to ease into my weekend and a balm for my soul. Her classes are so thoughtfully designed – from the opening centering, to the sequence of the poses, to the selection of  music – every element contributes to the experience. Jessica manages to accomplish something that's usually so challenging in a virtual class: creates a real sense of connection and community.  </p>

Alison F. Yoga Student

<p>Jessica's virtual gentle yoga class is the perfect balm to heal mind, body and spirit. Her class is uplifting and energizing.  Jessica encourages you to be present with your practice and to meet your body wherever it is without judgment.  As each practice closed, I departed with the gifts of a stronger body, sharper mind, and calmer spirit. Give yourself a gift and join her in class!    </p>

Angela D. Yoga Student

<p>Jessica’s virtual yoga classes are just what I need to keep mind and body together in these tough times.  I have been a devoted Yogi with Jessica for six months.  My body is more relaxed, stronger, and my stamina is improved.  She is an experienced Yoga instructor with a talent for assessing each participant’s skill level and encouraging them to strive for their best self.  I finish each class feeling relaxed and ready to take on the challenges of the week.</p>

Diane J. Yoga Student

<p>I did not believe I yoga until I took one of Jessica's classes.  The affirmations at the beginning of class and her warmness during the class changed my mind. She is a  great instructor. </p><p> </p><p> </p>

Dona M. Yoga Student

<p>Jessica’s class is the perfect way to start a Saturday morning.  The class moves your spirit while getting your blood flowing and then it centers your mind.  I highly recommend taking classes with Jessica her teaching is inspiring.  </p>

Lori H.

<p>From the very first class I have enjoyed Jessica’s enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor.  She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.</p>

Theresa S. Yoga Student

<div>"It is a true multisensory delight to practice with Yogi Jessica.  Her seamless gentle instruction,offering</div><div>all level access to each asana allows you to adjust your practice for the experience you need on the mat</div><div>that day.  As a yogi who enjoys all limbs of the yoga journey, I also deeply appreciate the readings and</div><div>insight Jessica shares to enhance the mindfulness and spiritual aspects of each session."   </div>

Lona H. Yoga Student

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