About Jessica

My Philosophy​

“Green Sanctuarys’ goal is to guide you through the practice of yoga to a place of self love and peace within.”
More Than A Decade Of Teaching Experience:

My name is Jessica Howard Jackson and I am a registered, experienced yoga teacher. I have been teaching beginner and advanced yoga classes since 2009 in DC, Maryland, Virginia and now virtually! My teaching and practicing background is in Vinyasa, also known as Flow Yoga, and I have spent most of my teaching career with beginner students. While serving as a Lululemon Community Ambassador, I have spoken about the benefits of yoga to military personnel, nonprofit organizations and in partnership with other wellness professionals in the DMV.

My Commitment:

As a teacher, I am committed to teaching classes that are accessible for everyone, and that everyone should be made to feel welcome in class. As a student, I am committed to my ongoing personal growth through the study of revolving yoga curriculum offerings and my daily yoga and meditation practice.

Licensed and Insured:

Green Sanctuary Yoga LLC is licensed and insured in the District Of Columbia. “All students must agree to a waiver before participating in class.”

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My classes are currently being held on Zoom and students must acknowledge a participant waiver prior to participating.  Classes center on breath, meditation, movement and intentional rest.  Seated and standing postures are featured.


The Heart Chakra is represented by the color GREEN; which symbolizes giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. It’s a natural peacemaker and it renews and restores depleted energy.

The word sanctuary = means rest, a place where you can feel at peace, it is also known as the holiest part of a temple.


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Martha’s Table


I partner with DC community organizations to make gentle yoga and meditation accessible to individuals wanting to experience the practice of yoga.